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Newsletter - Spring 2016


We are currently working to expand the Temple of Iarhibol website to include more information on ritual and ceremony. Iarhibol was a popular solar deity in antiquity and there are many active and practical ways in which to work with his spiritual energies in the modern world. The spiritual Sun energy over which Iarhibol presides is useful for building one's spiritual power, gaining prosperity, dispelling spiritual darkness and bringing positive force into solving many of life's challenges.

Iarhibol is one of the many "lost" deities that can play a critical role today. As a pre-islamic deity of the Middle East, his power is well placed to help bring new light to an area of the world that has for centuries suffered under religious extremism and social turmoil. There is no part of the world where the more peaceful ancient energies are needed.


The annual New England Mithraic Studies Conference , or "Mithracon" event will be from Friday, April 21st to Sunday April 23rd, 2017. All are welcome to attend! Highlights of this event include a day of research in the Yale University Library, and a trip to see the Iarhibol icons and altar at the Dura Europos exhibit at the Yale University Art Museum. REGISTRATION INFO is on the MithraCon website.

The Temple of Iarhibol is also working to coordinate with Byzantium Novum, a sovereignty project dedicated to the restoration of Byzantine civilization and culture. The ancient city of Palmyra was a part of the Byzatine empire until 664 AD, when the city was conqured by Muslim Arabs and the last vestiges of the ancient cultures were abandoned. Byzantium Novum is open to all religions, including the religions of the late Classical world, so this new community is a home in which Iarhibol again plays a role.

The Temple continues to be active on Facebook, and we are doing all we can to spread the word about the return of Iarhibol to the world!

For more news (or to post news of your own) we invite you to subscribe to the Temple of Iarhibol Mailing list at:

May the Light of Iarhibol shine on us all!

- Marcus Cassius Julianus

This page was last updated on April 4th, 2016