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The Modern Worship of Iarhibol The Temple of Iarhibol Membership


Welcome to the temple of Iarhibol, the Sun God of ancient Roman-Syria and the cities of Palmyra and Dura Europos.

Iarhibol ('YAR-hi-boll' - alt. spelled "Yarhibol") was honored throughout the Near East, and even in the Janiculum Temple in the city of Rome itself. As an eternal Sun God, Iarhibol is a deity of Light, Truth and Honor.

In the ancient Roman province of Syria, the poet Lucian wrote of the ancient temples in which Palmyrean deities such as Iarhibol were honored:

These are the old and great sanctuaries in Syria. But of them all, I believe none is greater than the Holy City, nor any other temple more blessed, nor none other land holier. Costly works are therein and ancient offerings and many marvels, and statues in the likeness of gods. Also, the gods are readily revealed to the inhabitants; for here statues sweat and move and prophecy, and often shouting occurs in the temple when the sanctuary is locked, and many have heard it. Certainly in wealth it is foremost among all that I know; for to it come many treasures from Arabia and Phoenicia and Babylonia, and much from Cappadocia and some brought by Cilicians, and some by Assyrians. And I saw what has been secretly stored at the temple, many robes and other things that have been chased out of silver or gold. And of feasts and solemnities, no other folk in the world have appointed so many.

But concerning the temple, it looks toward the rising sun, and the form and making thereof is just as they build temples in Ionia. A large platform rises from the earth 2 fathoms [12 feet] in height, whereon the temple sits. The ramp up to it is made of stone, and is not very long. And when you have ascended, the sight of the temple shows you a thing of great marvel, for it is adorned with doors of gold. And within, the temple shines with much gold and the ceiling is all golden. And a heavenly fragrance comes out of it, such as they say comes out of the land of Arabia. As you approach, even from afar it sends toward you a wonderful sweet breath; and as you depart, it never leaves you, but your clothes retain that scent for a long time, and you shall remember it forever.

The ancient temples to Bel-Marduk and Iarhibol in the ancient Roman-Syrian cities of Palmyra and Dura Europos began to be studied seriously in the beginning of the 20th century CE. In these ancient places a wealth of religious information was discovered - the worship of deities that played a critical role in the ancient world. The Gods and Goddesses of Syria were a religious boundary between East and West - sharing from both the Greco-Roman world and the Persian empires.

The Modern Worship of Iarhibol


There is much to recommend the worship of Iarhibol as a valid religion for today. Like many of the 'monotheistic' deities, Iarhibol stands for positive spiritual principles and knowledge. Yet unlike monotheistic deities, Iarhibol does not demand total submission in return for the beneficial powers over which he presides. In the ancient world Iarhibol was honored alongside many Goddesses and Gods from various pantheons. He may still be worshipped today as a part of one's wider spirituality.

The worship of Iarhibol offers many positive aspects  those wishing to explore the ancient religions both the Greco-Roman world and the Near East. Iarhibol was in ancient times called upon for his strength, light and honor, so that he might both empower and bring spiritual growth to those honoring him. In the world of today where Light, personal strength, and a sense of honor seem to be becoming more rare, and where tensions have been building between the West and Near East, the powers which Iarhibol brings to the world are more needed than ever.

The Temple of Iarhibol


The Temple of Iarhibol is a religious organization dedicated to restoring the worship of the Sun God Iarhibol, as well as exploring the reconstruction of the religions of the ancient Roman Near East. At last there is a resource for those interested in the Pagan religions a section of the ancient world which have been previously ignored.

The goals of the  Temple of Iarhibol are simple - to restore the active worship of the God Iarhibol both by individuals and groups, and to build practical working resources to facilitate that restoration.

Here at the Temple of Iarhibol you will find information on the ancient temples and rites of Iarhibol, and also more modern constructions of rites dedicated to Iarhibol. You will find discussion forums, news, and information on ancient Roman-Syrian religion not commonly available. We hope that you will join us in restoring this aspect of ancient religion! Together we can rebuild the worship of Iarhibol into a meaningful religion for today, and a valid path for many centuries to come.



There is no fee to join the Temple of Iarhibol. You may consider yourself a full member immediately if you are sincerely willing to assist in restoring the worship of Iarhibol to the world.  The Temple does offer an official I.D. card as confirmation of membership which is available for immediate download in PDF format:

Temple of Iarhibol membership: Click to download!

Click the membership card to download your own Temple of Iarhibol ID! The card can be printed on any computer printer, and can be saved to a thumb drive should you need to have it printed elsewhere for higher quality.

To make the card official simply sign your name on the line provided. You may want to have the card laminated in plastic and carry it with you, as a reminder of your pledge to continue the sacred work to restore the worship of Iarhibol to the world.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to viewing and printing the file. If your computer does not have it, click HERE to download the Reader for free.

This page was last updated on March 18, 2008